Volz Servos & Zipline: To a one in a million milestone and beyond

In April 2024, Zipline delivered a bag of IV fluid from their distribution center in Ghana's Western North Region to a local health facility. One of over thousand deliveries that day.  

So, a regular operation at first sight - but additionally to providing targeted health care for the rural region, this special delivery also marked the one-millionth commercial Zipline drone delivery, as stated by Zipline co-founder Ryan Oksenhorn in his respective press release.

Some more impressive Zipline numbers – also underlining the reliability of key drone components like Volz’ servos: 

  • 7 years of non-stop service
  • 70 million commercial autonomous miles
  • 120 years of autonomous flight hours

“We at Volz Servos are proud to have been supporting Zipline with actuators since the very beginning”, says Phillipp Volz, CEO of Volz Servos. “We're absolutely delighted to be able to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the whole Zipline team on this huge milestone!”

Zipline press release

Photo: Zipline