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Volz Servos: The benchmark for
cutting edge actuator technology

Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing the best electromechanical actuators on the market. Continuous growth with a passion for strong solutions and ideas that serve progress in the world’s most advanced industries. A product portfolio delivering the foundation for a wide range of applications in vertical mobility and modern avionics. A servo that is today rightly the benchmark for reliability, thanks to its well thought-out design and tried-and-tested features. All this - and much more - is Volz.

Made in Germany

Engineered with outstanding quality and value in mind.

Designed to control

Advanced air mobility (AAM), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and even remotely operated vehicles (ROVs): Our technology controls it.

Tried and tested

Volz Servos are the benchmark for reach, reliability and durability.

EASA certification

In cooperation with our subsidiary AEE we offer a wide range of solutions from standard to tailor made.AEE-Website


The Volz Servos whitepaper

How UAV/AAM leaders can challenge the sky without reinventing the wheel.


Engineered for those
who aim higher

Volz Servos for Advanced Air Mobility

With excellent performance and proven features, our servos are tailor-made for the future of vertical mobility.

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Volz Servos for Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles

Volz servos are the technological standard for controlling UAVs due to their unbeaten reliability.

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Volz Servos for Optional Piloted Vehicles

Based on our tried and tested Volz servos, our OPV servos offer unique features for piloting hybrid vehicles.

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The good thing about working with our clients: We usually ask ourselves the same questions. One that is almost always in the foreground: How can actuators drive world-changing ideas? Here, we specialize particularly in UAV and AAM to bring our actuators to where they will be part of the next technological revolution: in the air.
Phillipp S. Volz, CEO Volz Servos

From tried & tested to tailor made -
designed for your needs.

Whether it’s about adapting our products to technological iterations, upgrading them for specific applications such as HALE (High Altitude, Long Endurance) or deep sea, or developing completely new features: VOLZ servos are made to support progress with proven features. Feel free to contact us if you need personal advice for your project ...

Reliability, certified –
with components approved by those who know best.

The safety requirements and regulations for uncrewed aircraft and AAM correspond to those for regular aircraft. Volz servos match those requirements needed to be certified as a part of the whole system. With our daughter company AEE we even offer EASA approved production, maintenance and design for your specific needs.

Reliability for progress:
How we created the
servo that controls
the future.

The Volz Story: From 1979 to now.

Learn about us, our company, our ideas.