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Volz servos excel with simplicity of design while maximizing positioning force, reliability and durability – and let your AAM and UAV projects take off!

Uncompromised flexibility

  • wide off-the-shelf product range
  • comprehensive service for the development and series production of your customized actuator solutions
  • applicable from more than 90.000 ft up in the air to 6.000 m deep under the sea
  • perfectly matching your requirements regarding materials, case design, control signals and many more

Reliability for Progress

  • Volz quality management meets nearly all certification for the aerospace industry, as well as construction regulations and type certificates such as the so-called Certification Specification CS23 and CS25 of EASA.
  • Redundant – two channel – design allows operating even if one channel should fail: All major components such as the electric motors, control and communication electronics and power supply are available twice.
  • Diversity in software developing to rule out common mode failure

Research + Development

  • Various research networks let you as Volz customer benefit from the latest developments

Certifiable actuators

Commercial drone projects must meet the strict requirements of national and international aviation standards. So Volz joined forces with the Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH (AEE) to develop your individual, certifiable actuators that comply with both European and American aviation law.

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