About us – and thus also about you

Our mission – more than just "Made in Germany"

Put simply: What we do, we do because we do it best.

Over 40 years of experience in the development, manufacture and delivery of actuators for a wide range of applications - from medical to robotics to UAV - provide us with the reputation that our customers around the world rely on today.

In this regard, our success is measured first and foremost by your challenges. Because these are nothing less than forward-looking investments in promising technologies that make the lives of the people who trust you better - and for this, the mere quality seal "Made in Germany" is not enough.

Every mission needs someone to drive it - pursuing it and successfully bringing it to the finish line means shaping the future. We achieve this together, side by side. Because without our customers, we would just be manufacturers. With you, on the other hand, we are game-changers.
Felix Thun, Director of Sales & Business Development

So why Volz?

Because as a family-run, medium-sized company now in its second generation, we have everything it takes to give your ideas a lift. When we started developing actuators in 1983, the market for them was still comparatively manageable. Today it is more exuberant and future-oriented than ever. Particularly when it comes to air mobility and cargo, a world that is becoming increasingly dense demands solutions that create room for progress.

Drones, for example, are now capable of revolutionizing both local and supra-regional transport systems. With our know-how, we provide proven technology that can also easily go into series production.

We offer you solutions that are manufactured under strict quality controls, meet the highest functional safety and reliability requirements, and are perfectly tailored to the needs of your project. No matter whether it is a question of volatile AAM safety innovations, special component architectures or every single certification in the field of UAV, in which we due to our subsidiary AEE specialized with an individual focus.

AEE: Our in-house guarantor for international aviation certification

Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH (AEE) is an EASA approved production (Part 21G), maintenance (Part 145), and alternative design organization (Part 21O). Founded in 1987, we incorporated the company in 2021 as part of Volz Servos GmbH und Co. KG to offer the full range of certifiable solutions. This combination of agility and certification security is a major advantage over suppliers with corporate structures.

Especially in the AAM and UAV market, certifications and regulatory basics are among the biggest challenges. With our acquisition of the aviation company AEE, we have a development and manufacturing operation in-house that fulfills the certification specification for components with, among other things, the ETSO approval (European Technical Standard Order / European Technical Standard Approval), which is based on the US TSO approval. 

In short, we can develop individual, certifiable actuators that comply with both European and U.S. aviation law.


Common values make our vision

As a manufacturer, we do not want to reveal what it means to us to become a leading company in the UAV and AAM market without showing what it has cost us to continue to play this role to the fullest today - and where its origins lie:

„Even as a little boy, I spent hours putting together many individual small parts to make a functioning whole. While this was once fun and enjoyment, I can now proudly say that actuators from Volz are at the heart of future-proof aviation solutions."

Phillipp S. Volz, CEO

So what we do, we do with conviction - with customer satisfaction at all times. To this end, we are not only at eye level with them at all times, but also in constant exchange with renowned partners such as the Technical University of Munich, German Aerospace Center or other research institutes.

Which, in this context, leads us to the very best in terms of working with our clients: We usually ask ourselves the same questions. One that is always in the foreground: How can our actuators drive world-changing ideas?

Let’s aim higher together

If you want to learn how we can help you take off in AAM, UAV, robotics or any other special application, let's get in touch first - and then higher together. 
And if you want to learn more about us, our product portfolio or our application areas visit us on LinkedIn.

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