German actuator specialist Volz Servos GmbH has been awarded a contract by Airbus as supplier for the SIRTAP high-end tactical UAS. Volz will provide the Airbus SIRTAP drones with DA 26 actuators for the air conditioning system.

In April 2024, Zipline delivered a bag of IV fluid from their distribution center in Ghana's Western North Region to a local health facility. One of over thousand deliveries that day.  

Volz Servos actuators are well-known for ensuring highest reliability for aircraft high up in the sky, perfectly steering and controlling crucial moving parts of AAM and UAV: from ailerons, blade pitch or braking to tilting mechanisms of rotor and wings.

For Austrian aerospace manufacturer Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER® S-100, Volz has supplied more than 3,000 specially customized actuators.

Certifiable actuators bring UAV and AAM projects to cruising altitude

For the first EASA-certified UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), Volz Servos is to supply the certifiable actuators for Thales’ UAS100 long-range drone.

Multinational aerospace start-up Skydweller and industry servo leader Volz partner to develop and deploy next-generation actuators.

German actuator manufacturer Volz Servos and customer High Eye from the Netherlands closely cooperated for High Eyes unmanned helicopter "Airboxer".

Dufour Aerospace selected German electromechanical actuator manufacturer Volz Servos as supplier for the uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft Aero2.

Volz Servos has been contracted by BETA Technologies as actuator partner for the ALIA supply chain.