DA 14

5 Volts

In comparison to the DA 13, the DA 14 offers an improved case design. The DA 14 case is completely sealed and complies with the IP-67 standard (waterproof down to 1 meter /3 feet and dust tight). The usage of a carbon fiber reinforced plastic material increases its mechanical robustness, torsional stiffness and EMI/RFI shielding.
Our fully programmable DA 14 provide all steel gear trains and are available in two case versions: Version A is meant to be directly screwed in place, Version B to be fixed with rubber grommets.


  • Analogue position feedback,
  • MIL-specified connector.

DA 14-05-32
High speed version with reduced gear ratio. Can be used in applications where a fast response (no load speed > 600°/sec!) is needed at low continuous load requirements.

DA 14-05-60
Power version in same case design as our DA 14-05-32.
Actuators of this type are used, e.g. in Orbiter UAV by Aeronautics.

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Technical Data

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Width (Metric) 14 mm
Width (Imperial) 0.55 inch
Supply voltage (rated) 5 VDC
Rated Current 0.3 A
Peak Current 0.9 A
Interface PWM


DA 14‐05‐32...
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.045 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 0.398 lbf‐in
Peak Torque (Metric) 0.2 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 0.558 lbf-in
No Load Speed 620 °/s
Rated Speed 540 °/s
DA 14‐05‐60...
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.063 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 1.770 lbf‐in
Peak Torque (Metric) 0.3 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 2.655 lbf-in
No Load Speed 330 °/s
Rated Speed 310 °/s

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