DA 36-LP

22-32 Volts

The DA 36-LP (Low Profile) has been designed to meet customer requirements for lowest installation space. There are low profile versions of the DA 26 and DA 30 available. Further versions can be realized on request.
The DA 36 Low Profile (LP) features a brushless motor and a contactless wear free position sensor. This means maximum service life with the greatest-possible power delivery and its design prevents electromagnetic emissions (EMI) caused by brush sparking. The housing made of saltwater-resistant aluminum is HART-coat treated, meets the IP-67 standard for water/ dust sealing and provides an integrated MIL specified Glenair Superfly connector. Alternatively, the servo can be equipped with a cable gland and integrated cable. Brackets integrated in the housing for horizontal and vertical assembly. 8- fold, ball-bearing supported, steel gear train, drive shaft with DIN spline or square shaped.
The DA 36-LP series can be equipped with a standard PWM input (Pulse Width Modulation) that has two different interfaces: a differential, galvanic isolated interface (Opto-Coupler) and a single-ended interface with CMOS levels that is also used to program the servo parameters. Analog position feedback to detect the drive shaft position. A differential RS-422 PWM interface can be chosen instead of the opto-coupled interface.
The DA 36-LP with digital serial command interface (RS-485) receives its commands via a CRC secured protocol. It can return not only the shaft position in digital format, but also several diagnostic data such as the level of the supply voltage, current consumption and the temperature of the motor and electronics in digital form (optionally also the humidity within the actuator case). These kinds of diagnostic capabilities help to determine the health state of the actuators before, during and after deployment.

MATLAB Simulink Model on Request

Technical Data

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Width (Metric) 36 mm
Width (Imperial) 1.42 inch
Interface PWM, RS 485


DA 36-LP-30-4224...
Supply voltage (rated) 28 VDC
Rated Current 1.6 A
Peak Current 4.5 A
Rated Torque (Metric) 11 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 97.358 lbf‐in
Peak Torque (Metric) 33 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 292.075 lbf-in
Rated Speed 140 °/s
No Load Speed 200 °/s

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