Volz Servos supplies BETAs ALIA project

Volz Servos has been contracted by BETA Technologies as actuator partner for the ALIA supply chain.

The partnership is part of BETA’s strategic approach to its supply chain, including partnering with aerospace leaders on various systems and components for its aircraft production. 

  • German company Volz Servos - the leading manufacturer and supplier of electromechanical rotary actuators - provides BETA Technologies with servos for prototyping ​for the past​​ several years. 

  • Now, BETA has teamed up with Volz Servos to complete its fly-by-wire system for the ALIA CTOL and ALIA VTOL. With its EASA certified subsidiary AEE (Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH), Volz can develop, produce and maintain actuators according to the for each domain applicable aviation standards. 

​​“With the ALIA CTOL and ALIA VTOL, BETA has the most promising projects in uncrewed aviation”, said Phillipp Volz, CEO of Volz Servos. “We are honored by BETA’s trust and are immensely proud to be able to equip these aircrafts with our actuators - especially considering the challenges that eVTOLs still have to overcome today, first and foremost compliance with certification standards. Being able to deliver unique, certifiable actuators that comply with both European and U.S. aviation regulations is crucial for gaining a foothold in a market whose great potential is increasingly being recognized.”​​​ 

​​“As we continue to progress toward commercialization, it’s been crucial to find partners like Volz who have deep experience and expertise not only in the technology at hand, but in certification too," said BETA Technologies Founder and CEO, Kyle Clark. "In addition to providing top of the line actuators that deliver on safety and reliability, Volz has an established record of complying with multiple certification standards.”​   

BETA undertook an extensive process to identify partners willing to join its mission to deliver its electric aviation system to customers. Many of the engaged suppliers have been partners of BETA’s, working to co-engineer bespoke systems for the Company’s aircraft. In fact, various partners have supplied systems that are currently installed on the Company’s two test aircrafts and simulators, logging real, practical hours of in-field use and telemetry data.  

About Volz Servos  

Volz Servos is a privately held company which has been designing and producing advanced actuators in Germany since 1983. Volz provides actuators which are used in aviation, aerospace, robotic, automotive, and medical industries. They are used on several global UAV applications meeting highest performance, reliability and durability requirements. 


About BETA Technologies 

BETA Technologies is an electric aerospace company that is creating a new paradigm for transporting goods and people, making it greener, safer, and more efficient. To do this, we are building an electric transportation system that includes net-zero, all-electric aircraft and a cross-country, multimodal charging infrastructure to support various types of EVs. Safety, simplicity, and pragmatism are at the heart of everything we do, from the design of our products to our approach to the market. The team brings experience from top global organizations, and takes a hands-on, multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and innovation.