DA 20-TS

12-32 Volts

The DA 20-TS combines the well proven DA 20-T mechanics with the (optinionally redundant) RS 485 electronics of the DA 26. The DA 26 with digital serial command interface (RS-485) receives its commands via a CRC secured protocol. It can return not only the shaft position in digital format, but also several diagnostic data such as the level of the supply voltage, current consumption and the temperature of the electronics in digital form (optionally also the relative humidity within actuator case). These kind of diagnostic capabilities help to determine the health state of the actuators before, during and after an operational mission.

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Technical Data

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Width (Metric) 20 mm
Width (Imperial) 0.79 inch
Interface RS 485


DA 20.TS.30.BLDC...
Supply voltage (rated) 28 VDC
Rated Current 0.2 A
Peak Current 0.32 A
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.15 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 1.328 lbf‐in
Peak Torque (Metric) 0.3 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 2.655 lbf-in
No Load Speed 420 °/s
Rated Speed 270 °/s

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