5-16 Volts

The DA 15-N-ISS is based on the well proven full brushless DA 15-N actuator and features the Internal Servo Safer System (ISS), unique in that size, making it the toughest micro actuator on the market.
The ISS is a mechanical gear protection system protecting the gear set against any kind of radial shock-loads exceeding a predefined limit (adjustable to customer requirements).

Its brushless motor and contactless, wear free position sensing system, make the DA 15-N-ISS immune to wear, vibration and shock loads. It has especially been designed for the usage in harsh environments and for safety critical applications that require an actuator with high endurance and which can withstand high shock loads (e.g. net recovery). The conductive aluminum case and the shielded connection cable are reducing the susceptibility to all kinds of EMI/RFI noise to the absolute minimum.

The servo is fully programmable. The DA 15-N is available with a traditional PWM-interface but also with a serial RS-485 interface.

  1. Maximized service life through vibration‐resistant, brushless DC motor
  2. Brushless motor technology eliminates the typical electromagnetic noise of brush‐type motors and provides ultra‐long endurance
  3. Contactless, wear free position sensing system
  4. Aluminum housing with minimal weight and size in functional design
  5. The saltwater‐resistant, HART‐coat treated aluminum housing withstands at least 100 hours of saltwater spray without damage and meets the IP‐67 standard for water and dust protection
  6. Excellent immunity to any kind of electromagnetic noise achieved with aluminum housing, low electromagnetic emissions through brushless motor
  7. Several programming possibilities, e.g. overload protection of the internal electric brushless motor, which allows reducing the motor current if the motor is being overloaded


  • ISS gear protection system;
  • extended travel angle up to 330°;
  • position feedback device,
  • RS-485 protocol,
  • customized cases.

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Technical Data

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Width (Metric) 15 mm
Width (Imperial) 0.59 inch
Peak Torque (Metric) 0.6 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 5.310 lbf-in
Interface PWM, RS 485, CAN, Single Ended Serial


DA 15‐N-ISS-06-BLDC-...
Supply voltage (rated) 6 VDC
Rated Current 0.5 A
Peak Current 1.5 A
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.16 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 1.416 lbf‐in
No Load Speed 290 °/s
Rated Speed 235 °/s
DA 15‐N-ISS-12-BLDC-...
Supply voltage (rated) 12 VDC
Rated Current 0.35 A
Peak Current 0.85 A
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.25 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 2.213 lbf‐in
No Load Speed 330 °/s
Rated Speed 240 °/s

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