DA 15

5 Volts

Besides our well proven brushed DA 15-05-32 and DA 15-05-60 we now offer a brushless alternative with contactless position sensing with the same form factor for safety critical application where extreme high lifetime is required: the DA 15-N. It is available for 6 and 12V DC.

Some customers such as AAI Corp. that use our micro-actuators, e.g. in their Aerosonde, UAV want to use our servos even under the toughest environmental conditions. Accordingly, they must have enhanced dust and water-resistance characteristics, all steel gear trains and shielded, tightly sealed housings.

The DA 15 actuators, developed to meet these customer requirements, are our solution and enable us to offer a version of our DA 13 series that can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Machined from a solid block of salt water resistant aluminum alloy, the sealed DA 15 cases meet IP 67 standard and provide EMI/RFI shielding. They can be provided with either an integrated M5 round connector system or with a pig tail connector.

There is a power variant and a speed variant available, similar to the DA 13 and DA 14 series.
Both versions of the DA 15 actuator are fully programmable and use all steel gears! The cases feature integrated mounting facilities for horizontal and vertical fixing.


  • Position feedback.

DA 15-05-32
High speed version with reduced gear ratio. Can be used in applications where a fast response (no load speed > 600°/sec!) is needed at low continuous load requirements.

DA 15-05-60
Power version in same case design as our DA 14-05-32.
Actuators of this type are used, e.g. in the Aerosonde UAV by AAI.

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Technical Data

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Width (Metric) 15 mm
Width (Imperial) 0.59 inch
Supply voltage (rated) 5 VDC
Rated Current 0.3 A
Peak Current 0.9 A
Interface PWM


DA 15‐05‐32...
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.045 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 0.398 lbf‐in
Peak Torque (Metric) 0.2 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 1.770 lbf-in
No Load Speed 620 °/s
Rated Speed 540 °/s
DA 15‐05‐60...
Rated Torque (Metric) 0.063 Nm
Rated Torque (Imperial) 0.558 lbf‐in
Peak Torque (Metric) 0.3 Nm
Peak Torque (Imperial) 2.655 lbf-in
No Load Speed 330 °/s
Rated Speed 310 °/s

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